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Some suggestions for your studies:

Listen to all the classes without attempting to understand everything – This will give you the overview of all the subjects.

Then, re-listen to each one (or only to those you like most), and study them fully.

I hope you will enjoy your studies.

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Class 1: The sky - basic astronomy
Class 2: The signs of the zodiac
Part 3: The tropical zodiac
Class 4: The Planets
Class 5: Aspects, and planetary strength
Class 6: Synodic cycles
Class 7: Planetary Relationships
Class 8: The Lots or “Arabic Parts”
Class 9: Natal Astrology
Class 10: Horary Astrology
Class 11: Electional astrology
Class 12: Forecasting
Class 13: Mundane astrology
The history of Astrology