Course description

This course is based on Ibn Ezra’s astrology textbooks.Those texts are a summary of the astrological traditions of the Arab astrologers, which in their turn rely on the Hellenistic tradition, with additions from India and Persia. It is a synthesis of the astrological thought and techniques of the 12th century, used by a practicing astrologer.

This astrology course, emphasizes the ‘hardcore’ techniques of medieval astrology to a modern student. This course is not for beginners. It requires effort and challenges the student with the mathematics of astrology, the medieval deterministic point of view of life, and the understanding of details of chart reading.

The course is divided into 13 classes, it is presented entirely online, letting the students learn at their own pace. Each class is complemented with written material that can be downloaded for further use.

Who is the course designed for, and what are the benefits?

The Medieval Online Astrology Course is designed for students and practitioners of modern astrology who feel that it is time to tackle the source and rational of astrology, as it was practiced 1000 years ago. The course is designed to ADD to the modern approach, not to replace it.The course could be a bit challenging to newcomers to astrology, but those who are willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a strong foundation,taking them from basic concepts through intermediate and advanced techniques.

What do you get when you sign up for the course?

Here are some of the things that you get access to immediately upon signing up for the course:

  • 13 classes of video lectures on the history, philosophy, and techniques of Hellenistic astrology. The core of the course is centered on the lecture, which include PowerPoint slides, diagrams, chart examples, and more.
  • Each class is accompanied by downloadable diagrams in PDF format for your personal and professional use.
  • The ability to attend monthly Q&A webinars with other students of the course, in order to ask questions and take part in live interactions.
  • This is not an easy course, you will probably have to listen to few of the classes more than once to gain understanding.

Course outline:

The class first introduces the student to two areas that form the backbone of the astrological thinking: the Ptolemaic model of the solar system, and an introduction to how the earth moves – or what we call time. Astrology at its core is a time measurement system and the class teaches how to view the sky as a medieval astrologer would have observed it to calculate a horoscope. 

Duration: about 28 minutes.

Astrology is based on a mathematical representation of the part of the sky called the ecliptic, upon which the 12 constellations of the zodiac are located. This class teaches the attributes of each sign in relation to time (season), follows some of the main divisions of the signs: dodekatemoria, navamsa and faces. The class ends with a detailed description of each face (decant) and its influence when it is on the ascendant in a natal chart.

Duration: about 32 minutes.

This class teaches the zodiac signs influence on personal and mundane matters such as weather, health, humans, places and more. The foundation of the Zodiac is explored deeply almost on a degree by degree basis.Class also includes the preliminary concepts of horary astrology.

Duration: about 37 minutes.

“All things that were created and exist upon the earth are dependent on the arrangement of the heavenly bodies.” (Ibn Ezra) In this class we cover the attributes, and the influence of each planet on life on earth in general and in particular.

Duration: about 32 minutes.

This class delves into the core of astrology,how planets interact with each other, which one is stronger, which is weaker and how to read their influence in mundane, natal and horary charts. Topics include:aspects, houses, some basic considerations for horary, the beneficial indications, and the malefic significations.

Duration: about 31 minutes.

This class teaches each planet’s synodic cycle(the time from one conjunction with the sun to the next conjunction). We explore the connection between the visibility of each planet with its strength and influence through its cycles. Overall, we gain a new idea of time.

Duration: about 37 minutes.

This class goes into detail of any relationship that can be among planets and how these influence a natal chart. Yet, the core of this teaching is designed to help answer horary question. This is a class were we learn all the astrological terms such as: besieged, feral,return of light, mutual reception etc.

Duration: about 24 minutes.

The class introduces the technical concept known as Lots, which are known in modern times as “Arabic Parts.” The class teaches the rational of the lots, and introduces the lots beyond the part of fortune. Lots are mathematical points that are used to study specific topics in a person’s life, horary question, and mundane charts, oftentimes they can be the key to understanding otherwise unclear issues.

Duration: about 42 minutes.

The best class and the best method for reading natal charts! The core of natal astrology is presented by an in-depth look at each of the 12 houses, planetary placements within them, and each house lords’ influence on it. This class teaches how to answer all the relevant questions regarding one’s life.

Duration: about 53 minutes.

This class teaches how to answer horary question, based on the understanding of each question relation to a house, and the condition of the house lord, taking the signs into account as one delineates an outcome.

Duration: about 55 minutes.

This class teaches how to choose the better times to start any venture in your life. The teaching follows the relevant topics through the houses, and how to know which planet should be in a better position and when.

Duration: about 36 minutes.

All the techniques of timing future events:primary directions, solar arcs, solar returns, profections, time lords in various systems & more.

Duration: about 26 minutes.


This class teaches the techniques of mundane astrology: ingress charts, eclipse charts, the great conjunctions and their influence, and the monthly new or full moon charts.

Duration: about 58 minutes.

The History of Astrology from Hellenistic times up to the 12th century. Review of all the great writers and their teachings as presented by Ibn Ezra.

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 Accessing the Course

The entire course is presented online in a private membership site.  New students can register and gain access to the course site at any time. When a new student registers for the course they will receive a user name and a password shortly thereafter by email, and at that point they will be able to log in to the course site and begin studying at their own pace. It is suggested to use a broadband internet connection for the course in order to stream video lecture files that would take a while on slower connections.


Registering for the Course

The price for the Astrology Course is $289.

After completing your payment you will be sent an E-mail with your user name and password. If you are not receiving it, please send an email to Maayan Medzini at [email protected] and let me know. If you have any questions about the course then please contact Maayan Medzini through the same email address.