Wisdom Begins with Astrology.

“One who knows the ways of the spheres knows the mind of the Most High”

Abraham Ibn Ezra

The Ultimate Medieval Astrology Course

Study Astrology Online: learn the techniques of medieval astrology: Horary, Natal, Electional and Predictive. The e-course presents the core teachings in the modern astrological language.

Introducing the basis of astrological delineation

This online astrology course teaches all the basics of Western Astrology. Explaining all the components of a horoscope including: signs, houses, sect, terms, dodekatemoria, navamsa & much more

Online astrology Course

Each of the 14 class is packed with information, accompanied with examples, teaching you all the essentials of the Astrological doctrine of the early middle ages.

Deepen your understanding of Astrology

The course is not for complete beginners in astrology, but for those who want to understand more on the rational and the development of astrology through the ages.

The sky and the Horoscope

Since the 12th century, Abraham Ibn Ezra’s  astrology manuscripts  inspired generations of astrologers. Now, all the basic astrological techniques are available to you in a modern e-course taught  by Maayan Medzini

unlock wisdom

This course will teach you how to read any astrology chart by understanding each planet's role.

monthly live webinar

All students are welcome to join a monthly live Q & A webinar.

Study at your own pace

Classes can be taken at your own pace. It is recommended to view each class more than once.

The Fundamentals of Astrology

Each Class introduces, explores and explains the foundations of Western Astrology

About Maayan

Maayan Medzini is a professional astrologer residing in Israel, and a student in the MA program for Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Before and during the long road of astrology studies, Maayan worked as an online marketer for many years. When the astrology virus hit her, Maayan studied for many years varied branches of astrology (esoteric, medieval, ancient and modern). She now consults clients and teaches astrology, as well as raising her children, enjoying sky-watching when possible, or just the sunset at the beach.

Maayan’s modern astrology website is www.astrologywork.com, her Hebrew website is: www.yourday.co.il.

Maayan Medzini

Students say:

"Maayan's course on ibn Ezra's astrology was excellent. The principles were explained very clearly, starting from basics and working up to some complex concepts in ibn Ezra's work. It also demonstrates not just the excellence of Maayan's teaching, but the brilliance of ibn Ezra too, who, over 800 years ago, produced a set of astrological works than can still be used as the basis for teaching astrology today. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about medieval astrology and its techniques."
Chris M
Leicester, UK
"Thank you for the excellent course you put on - it was fascinating, carefully structured, and very well illustrated with pertinent examples. I found myself looking forward to the next class and learning more about astrology as a subject; your time and commitment to us was greatly appreciated."
Jay L
Swansea, Wales
"Maayan Medzini's course on the astrology of Ibn Ezra is strongly recommended for both modern astrologers seeking additional insights and those interested in a deeper understanding of Ezra's original writings. As a highly experienced astrologer and fluent in the language used by Ezra, Maayan has produced a translation and interpretation of a quality which can not be found elsewhere. This is combined with her typically clear presentational style resulting in a unique and outstanding course."
Andrew S
London, UK
""A concise overview. A very able teacher. And a brilliant presentation. You should add this to your contemporary chart reading skills for broadening your perspective on what was once influenced through culture at a certain period of time and space. Definitly both thumbs up.""
Nicole M
Bern, Switzerland